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Photo post: Chrysler building, NYC

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with cities, particularly New York city. So far, I’ve been to the Big Apple 4 times in my life (we’ll be heading there again in November, can’t wait). Here’s a photo I took of the beautiful skyscraper that is the Chrysler building, during my trip in 2008.

Chrysler building_New York city_Skyscraper_A Storytelling Home_ Lea Plourde-Archer

Q&A feature on Untapped Cities

If you’d like to learn more about me, my top spots to visit in Montreal and my favorite life experiences check out this short Q&A I did with Untapped Cities, the website where I write as a City Correspondant for Montreal.

Untapped Cities_logo_ A storytelling Home

Here’s a sample question:

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Colorful art in the Village, Montreal

The Village in Montreal is an LGBT friendly neighborhood centered between the Beaudry and Papineau stations, on the green line of the subway system. It is one of the largest gay villages in the North America and a popular spot for nightlife in Montreal.

A few weeks ago I was out walking and I discovered that the area had undergone a colorful makeover, just in time for the summer. Much of this is the work of Montreal artist Dominique Pétrin, known for her eye-popping designs.

Beaudry metro station Montreal

Beaudry metro station by Dominique Pétrin

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Easy crafts for lazy people: Marimekko inspired plant pots

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a DIY project! My latest adventures with a paintbrush resulted in some cute clay plant pots with a design inspired by Finnish textile company Marimekko.

If you’re new to this site, I’ve been doing this series called Easy crafts for lazy people. It’s all about the fact that I’m really into doing creative stuff, yet incredibly impatient about getting to the end result. Sometimes I’m willing to sacrifice a spotless end result, just to get there faster. However, in the hands of someone capable of more diligence, these ideas could give even better results!

Here’s another one of these projects. We just recently decided to green up our place (finally!). Being the novices we are to the world of plants, we started out with some species that are easy to care for: ferns, herbs and succulents. I couldn’t help myself. Instead of getting the 4$ pre-enameled pot covers, I had to get the plain ones, knowing that their blandness wouldn’t last for long.

This is the type of pot we had to start for:

plain clay pot

This is what the end result looks like:

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