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A look back at Japan 2012

Nowadays, we only have virtual pictures. We always look at them on a screen, which is fine, but I tend to miss the idea of having a physical copy of the photos. That’s why I love creating photo books. They can be used to curate the images and to use them to tell a story. After making books about my last two major international trips, I decided that I would tackle past travels.

I didn’t have the time or the energy to write a whole book telling the story of the trip we took to Japan in 2012. Instead, I gathered some of my favourite photos which were taken during the 3 1/2 week journey.

It’s weird to think that when I came back from Japan, I told people that I hadn’t really liked it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps a part of that feeling is due to the fact that I had just lost my dad and wasn’t in the best place, mentally speaking. However, nowadays, whether due to a veil of nostalgia or a deeper understanding of the beauty of what we experienced over there, I have extremely fond memories of that trip.

Without further ado, here is Japan 2012, the book: click this link to see the PDF file.