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Glimpses of the kitchen

My kitchen is practically done, so I’ll be ready for the big reveal soon. For now, here is a preview.

The blackboard with lyrics from this classic french song: Boris Vian- La complainte du progrès

The cookbook and spice shelf. If ever you stumble upon a book from the Grain de Sel collection, edited by Raphaele Vidaling, grab it! Here are a few of the good titles available: How to forget your ex with the stab of a fork, Fairytale food, Try this and marry me! or Young globetrotting Swedish female seeks guinea pigs.

Yes, I know, half my books are upside down. Not sure why but I kind of like it this way.

The Vargas girl poster. Alberto Vargas is one of the most famous pin-up artists of all time. I’ve always loved the pin-up aesthetic and his work is especially classy and sensual.

The mason jar shelf. I dismantled an old bookcase and decided to reuse the shelves. I’ve always liked mason jars and the endless possibilities they offer in terms of decor and practical storage so I searched the Internet in order to find an idea for a project that would use both my old shelves and some jars. This awesome tutorial is what inspired me.

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to put on the middle shelf but I know that I want to break the pattern so I’ll probably put hanging planters or something like that.

Washi tape on the cabinet door handles. I had never heard of washi tape before I bought it and used it to cover my boring old cabinet doorknobs. I just randomly stumbled upon this pretty, colorful japanese tape at the craft store, thinking it would be very versatile in covering dull surfaces. Apparently it’s really trendy in the craft world right now.

I’m using it as a temporary solution for the knobs, but it’s doing a pretty good job so far even though the edges can be a bit sharp. I used three layers of the magical product that is Mod Podge to make the tape stay in place.

What’s cooking? Grilled Eggplant and Brussel sprouts. I spend part of every Tuesday cooking for the week to come. I work 40 hours starting Wednesday and finishing Saturday, so after 11.5 hour shifts, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking.

‘What about your boyfriend?’ You ask…

Well, let’s just say that cooking is my part of the deal and he does lots of other stuff around the house.

This week I made: Chicken broth (which I will use to make shrimp soup with vermicelli), Carrot soup, Beef steak marinated in a Hoisin/tamari/garlic/ginger sauce, Duck confit (store bought!) and the eggplant. Sounds pretty good huh? 🙂 If you’d like some recipes please let me know, I’d be glad to share!