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Easy crafts for lazy people: Marimekko inspired plant pots

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a DIY project! My latest adventures with a paintbrush resulted in some cute clay plant pots with a design inspired by Finnish textile company Marimekko.

If you’re new to this site, I’ve been doing this series called Easy crafts for lazy people. It’s all about the fact that I’m really into doing creative stuff, yet incredibly impatient about getting to the end result. Sometimes I’m willing to sacrifice a spotless end result, just to get there faster. However, in the hands of someone capable of more diligence, these ideas could give even better results!

Here’s another one of these projects. We just recently decided to green up our place (finally!). Being the novices we are to the world of plants, we started out with some species that are easy to care for: ferns, herbs and succulents. I couldn’t help myself. Instead of getting the 4$ pre-enameled pot covers, I had to get the plain ones, knowing that their blandness wouldn’t last for long.

This is the type of pot we had to start for:

plain clay pot

This is what the end result looks like:

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Cheap art: 9 tips on how to decorate without breaking the bank

Everyone wants to have pretty things on their walls but most people don’t have the money to buy expensive works of art. This lack of funds does not have to mean that you can’t own nice, original art to display in your house.

Here are 9 tips that I live by in order to decorate without breaking the bank.

1. Buy drawings instead of paintings

Drawings are much cheaper to produce then paintings, so the price tag goes accordingly. Some artists specialize in drawing, while others will sell sketches and preparation studies that were done for future artworks.

Where to find some on the Internet: numerous Etsy shops like Old Passion, Amelia Herbertson and Teva Gallery. The Untapped Cities Shop on Society 6.

Where to find some in person: Decorating stores, Art Galleries (In Montreal: Galleries at the Belgo Building)

Etsy drawing poster

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Tykho radio: my first design object

In 2004, my family and I went to New York. It was my brother and I’s second trip to NYC.

I was pumped. Usually family vacation meant camping, lack of electricity and activities such as clam fishing or long walks in the woods. Not my idea of fun (back then). So I told my mom that if I was to come, I’d be the one planning the trip.

I tried to make sure that everyone would enjoy themselves, so I found things that would please boys and girls, adults and kids alike. Sony wonder technology lab for the guys, Screaming Mimi’s vintage shop for the gals.

I had one thing planned specifically for myself: the MOMA store. Sounds kind of lame? Well, I was a young small town girl, thirsty for some big city design and fancy objects.

We didn’t even go into the Museum of Modern Art itself (it was closed for renovation back then). We just ended up spending over one hour perusing through the impeccably curated collection of objects.

I had a shopping budget planned out. I’d worked all summer as a street rep for my city, and I wanted to buy myself some treats. Whilst organizing the 4 day venture, I had already mapped out a few things that I wanted to purchase at this store. One of those things was the Tykho radio.

This particular item struck me because of its bright blue shade and clean, cool design. Plus, it was waterproof, which meant that bathing would never be boring again (that was an issue for me back then). At 55$ US, it wasn’t a cheap treat but I really wanted it so I didn’t mind.

When we came home from our fun trip, I proudly  set it up on my bedroom shelf, glad that I finally owned such a beautiful thing. It felt like by buying it I’d accomplished something.

For many years, one of my hobbies was to spend hours reading magazines, listing the things that I wanted. Now, for the first time, I could finally own one of those objects for real. Seems kind of superficial and materialistic but for me it felt like I was growing up. I was able to make my own dumb decisions about buying useless objects. 😉

The radio itself worked for a good two weeks. If my stepbrother hadn’t submerged it, it would probably still be playing music but we sort of misunderstood how waterproof it actually was. I wasn’t upset. The music was just a bonus. I was more excited about how pretty and cool it was, so I’ve kept it ever since.

It’s really good at gathering dust, but I still love it.

Does anyone else own an object that they just can’t get rid of because it holds special meaning to them?