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Five bands to discover: March 2013 edition

I’ve decided to write a post to share the music I’ve been listening to in these past few weeks. I’ll try to make it a monthly feature on this blog as of now.

Most people love music. I’d consider my feelings for music as a bit superior to love (yup, quite a big deal). One of my great regrets so far is that I haven’t learned an instrument yet. I intend to change that as soon as possible (right now I’ve got a few other things to work on, like learning Spanish, writing and getting to know my new camera).

This means that for the moment, I just enjoy listening to others playing it.

I’m not so trendy and am often a bit late on the new good bands to discover, but I’m curious and I like to dig around so I often end up finding some interesting stuff that isn’t popping up in the mainstream. The musical styles I listen to go all over the place and I’m sure everyone will find something they enjoy!

Here are a few bands that I’m liking right now (the quasi total female domination is purely coincidental):

Les Hay babies, a folk trio that hails from Eastern Canada. They sing pretty prose (in French and English) over sweet/sad banjo and guitar melodies.

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Songs for energy and inspiration

In the last week, my house has been a bit of a mess (is that ever not the case?). We hired a painter to repaint our walls. After living here for more than one year, we’ve finally made the change from dull and dingy blanc cassé to bright, pure white.

No use in doing it ourselves, we didn’t have the time and patience. Since my boyfriend runs a painting business, what better reason to get one of his employees to do it?

Yes, the mural is still there.

Instead of decorating, I’ve been doing a bunch of other stuff, like finally getting some new music on my IPOD. I thought I’d share a few favorite songs I have right now. As I’ve already illustrated in these articles, I have quite an eclectic taste in music. I’ll specify genres and similar artists before each video so you know if it will suit your own likes.

Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling- Beautiful folk style duet

Tame Impala- This particular song sounds very much like the Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band

1995- French rap group, covering a song by american rapper Craig Mack

Late of the pier a british dance-punk band. This music video is pretty darn cool.

Santigold- fans of M.I.A. and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will enjoy.

Paran maum- This cover of a classic japanese power punk song was recorded for a movie called Linda Linda Linda (2005)

Azealia Banks- An infectious old school electro beat and crude rhymes that would almost other dirty mouthes like Lil Kim blush. Not for the faint of ears!

Yasuha Kominami- Reminds me a bit of japanese Paramore.