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It’s still summer in Montreal, despite what the thermometer is saying


So, as you can see I’ve been busy enjoying summer in Montreal and I’ve sort of neglected this blog.

I can’t promise that I’ll be back here on a regular basis because I like to keep this fun and spontaneous. For now, here are some photos of summer events and happenings that I took part in during the summer.

I had fun and it went by way too fast!

Here is a small playlist featuring the songs that got the most airplay on my iPod this summer

And here’s what I was up to:

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Montreal Jazz festival: dancing in the streets with the Lemon Bucket Orkestra

A month ago while listening to the radio, I heard a beautiful song. Once it was over, the host mentioned the name of the band: Lemon Bucket Orkestra. I quickly bought their album and was hooked, so when I saw that they were playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival this year, I was really happy!

They are from Toronto and their music is a hybrid of many influences, from traditional Ukrainian folk to Balkan dance to punk rock.

Here’s a quick listen:

And here are some photos of their set last Sunday. If you are in town, they will be playing again today and tomorrow between 1PM and 3PM (they move around the festival grounds so look for the big group of people with instruments, a belly dancer and a happy crowd formed around them).

Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival Lemon Bucket Orchestra_ Montreal Jazz festival

Photos: Butterflies go Free at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal

Last Sunday we headed to the greenhouses that are located inside the premises of the Jardin Botanique (Botanical garden) of Montreal.

Until April 21st, you can stroll through a giant aviary where thousands of butterflies are set free. The yearly event is called Butterflies Go Free. Here’s a glimpse of how beautiful it is:

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Untapped Montreal: what I’ve been writing about in the last few months

Here’s a new update on the cool things I’ve been writing about for Untapped Cities, as city correspondent for Montreal:

Benito Mussolini Madonna della difesa Montreal

Something most Montrealers don’t know: there’s a church in Montreal’s Little Italy that still features a fresco representing Benito Mussolini:


Candi bar restroom

A fun list compiling 8 of the quirkiest bar and restaurant restrooms in Montreal


Megaphone Montréal

Local multimedia firm Moment Factory created an installation in downtown which mixes public speaking with modern technologies and the social media aesthetic.


Dominique Blain Diorama_Underground city Montreal_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

A guide to discovering Montreal’s fascinating Underground city.


Charlevoix montreal metro Mario Merola_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

This piece also touches on Montreal’s underground, focusing on my 10 favorite art installations in the Montreal metro system. This has been by far my most popular article ever.


Photo tour: a walk through Notre-Dame des neiges cemetery in Montreal

Notre-Dame-des-neiges is the largest cemetery in all of Canada. Located in the middle of the city, it is easily accessible and is a great place for a long, contemplative walk, especially during the cold days of this fall season.

Notre dame des neiges cemetary Montreal chemin

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