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It’s still summer in Montreal, despite what the thermometer is saying


So, as you can see I’ve been busy enjoying summer in Montreal and I’ve sort of neglected this blog.

I can’t promise that I’ll be back here on a regular basis because I like to keep this fun and spontaneous. For now, here are some photos of summer events and happenings that I took part in during the summer.

I had fun and it went by way too fast!

Here is a small playlist featuring the songs that got the most airplay on my iPod this summer

And here’s what I was up to:

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A personal top 8 of the best albums of summer 2013/ Top 8 de mes albums préférés de l’été

This summer I’ve been on an album-buying binge like no other. While this hasn’t been so good for my wallet, I’ve had a blast listening to all these sounds and I thought I’d share my ten favorite albums of the summer. I’ve identified general style and category just so you can find something more to your liking. Yes, I know that most of the albums aren’t from 2013 per se, but they have been a huge part of the soundtrack of my summer this year and I believe they are worth discovering if you don’t know them already!

Happy listening!

Cet été j’ai été prise d’une envie incessante de découvrir de la nouvelle musique. À chaque semaine j’ai rajouté au moins trois nouveaux albums à ma collection. Mon porte-feuille n’a pas apprécié cette lubie, mais mes oreilles sont ravies. Voici une liste du top 10 de mes albums préférés de l’été. Pour vous aider à trouver quelque chose qui saurait vous plaire, j’ai catégorisé les artistes par style. Oui, je suis bien au courant que certains des disques cités sont parus avant 2013 mais comme ils font partie de ma bande sonore pour cet été, j’ai trouvé pertinent de les inclure. De plus, ils valent vraiment d’être découverts si vous ne les connaissez pas.

Bonne écoute!

8. Spunky political rap en espagnol/ Audace et politique rappés en espagnol

Ana Tijoux (Chile/France), La Bala, 2011

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Montreal 2013 festival lineups announced: bands to discover at the Francofolies

It’s that time of the year again! One of the first signs that the warm season is on it’s way: all the summer festivals are starting to release their lineups.

Montreal has it’s fair share of festivals, especially in the months between June and September. Everyone is sure to find something they like (cinema, african music, jazz music, LGBT culture and comedy all have their big celebrations scheduled in the upcoming months).

Yesterday, the Francofolies festival indoor lineup was announced.

The Francofolies is an annual music festival held during the month of June in the core of downtown Montreal, at the Place des festivals and at concert halls in the surrounding area. The artists that participate in this 10 day long event all hail from francophone countries (in Canada, Europe and Africa).

If I may say, I personally find the lineup to be disappointingly safe so far, but I will wait until the outdoor concerts are announced, as we tend to be pretty lucky in terms of artists that are invited to give free shows (in the past, we’ve had great concerts by some of my favorite artists like Angélique Kidjo and Thomas Fersen).

Nevertheless, here are a few artists who’s presence is already confirmed and that deserve to be checked out according to me (either in concert or via Youtube, if you can’t make it to Montreal) :

Avec pas d’casque: Gorgeous, at times intricate, other times raw lo-fi folk/country music.

1995: Clearly influenced by french rap of the nineties (hence the name), this young sextet is made up of 5 MCs and 1 DJ.

Violett Pi: Hard to describe, this group’s music is a hybrid of many things, including punk, funk and screaming. Not for everyone but adventurous ears shall be rewarded.

Cargo Culte: The coarse rhymes of rapper Séba,  over heavy, dark beats composed by seasoned local musicians Alex Mcmahon and JF Lemieux. Click here to watch video (embedding denied)

Mama Rosin: You’d think this band was born in a bayou but they are based in Switzerland. These Cajun-style rockers have garnered many fans during tours across Europe and the Southern United States, but they are still relatively unknown here, where they are opening for a bigger name: Lisa Leblanc.

Eiffel: French rock band that would rather not be compared to their (somewhat overbearing) older brother Noir Désir (but the link in sound and style is inevitable). Nevertheless, they’ve managed to carve their own sound by going towards melodies that are more influenced by pop and even the electro stylings of such groups as Gorillaz.