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Culinary backstreets: Eating our way around the markets of Istanbul

Midye dolmaThere are many great things about Turkey but one of the biggest highlights is the food. Turkish cuisine is fresh and full of vegetables, spices, perfectly cooked meat and excellent fish. It can be tasty and quite healthy (though people with a sweet tooth and/or an appetite for all things greasy will find many things to their liking).

Every street of Istanbul is lined with dozens of eateries of all kinds,. Knowing this, we worried that we wouldn’t go to the right places during our short time in the city. Not wanting to miss out on any of the good stuff, we decided to book a food tour with Istanbul Eats/ Culinary Backstreets. Best idea ever!

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Photos: On the road from Memphis to Nashville, from Elvis to Johnny Cash

These photos are long overdue. It’s already been 3 months since we came back from our road trip in the Deep South of the USA. We spent most of our time in New Orleans and the Cajun Country of Louisiana, but we also road tripped over through the whole state of Mississippi and on to the cities of Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.

Here are some of the photos of our short time (2 1/2 days) traveling through the two cities with major musical history.

Beale street Memphis Tennessee_A Storytelling Home

Beale Street, Downtown Memphis

Days Inn Graceland Elvis Presley Memphis_A Storytelling Home

Elvis is everywhere

Days Inn Graceland guitar pool_A storytelling Home

Guitar shaped pool at the Days Inn Graceland

Days Inn graceland Memphis_A Storytelling Home

Lobby at Days Inn Graceland

Elvis Presley grave Graceland Memphis_ A Storytelling Home

Elvis Presley’s grave, Graceland

Graceland basement Memphis_A storytelling home

The basement TV room at Graceland

Graceland Memphis Tennessee fall 2013_A Storytelling Home

Graceland, quite a small home for such a rich man. We felt like we were visiting the Mecca for fans of Elvis Presley.

Lorraine Motel room 306 Memphis Tennessee_A Storytelling Home

Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in front of room 306 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis

Lorraine Motel sign Memphis Tennessee_A Storytelling Home

We didn’t get as many pictures in Nashville because it was pouring rain during the majority of our time spent there. However, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! We did manage to go to the Country music hall of fame, the Frist center for the visual arts, Third Man Records, Mas Tacos and we went out for a concert.

Nashville The Family Wash_ Ben Cameron and friends_A storytelling Home

Ben Cameron and Friends playing at The Family Wash in East Nashville

Nashville country music hall of fame_ A storytelling home

Display at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Johnny Cash guitar Nashville Country music hall of fame_A storytelling Home

Johnny Cash’s guitar, Country Music hall of fame

My travel bucket list through music: Turkey

Let’s pick up the travel bucket list where we left off. Two months ago, I prepared a playlist of songs from Argentina. Before that, we’d made stops in Brazil and Sweden.

big trip 103
The next country on my travel bucketlist is Turkey. I’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Turkey for a few days in 2009, when my boyfriend and I stopped there during a crazy trip through Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy. We had enough time to see the classic tourist attractions (Aya Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi, Grand Bazaar) and we walked a bit in Kadikoy and Beyoglu but we really only got to scratch the surface in terms of things to do and see in this incredible city. Continue reading

Late fall in New York City

We just came back from an epic two week trip that took us to New York City, Long Island, New Orleans, the Cajun country, Memphis and Nashville. I’ll be posting photos right here over the next few days.

Brooklyn bridge New York city skyline empire state building

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Photo: the colorful streets of Toulouse, France

Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a beautiful city in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. Nicknamed La Ville Rose for the fading color of the red brick walls widely used across the city, Toulouse is a great place to visit. The rich architectural heritage, the tasty charcuteries and the friendly population are three aspects that make this an interesting destination during a trip to France.

I was lucky to mingle with locals by using couchsurfing as an accomodation. My host brought me along to a film screening in a squat in the downtown area and took me out for drinks with her lovely friends. I was also there during the Fête de la musique (World Music day) so it was fun to see the whole city engulfed by such a festive spirit!