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Untapped Montreal: what I’ve been writing about in the last few months

Here’s a new update on the cool things I’ve been writing about for Untapped Cities, as city correspondent for Montreal:

Benito Mussolini Madonna della difesa Montreal

Something most Montrealers don’t know: there’s a church in Montreal’s Little Italy that still features a fresco representing Benito Mussolini:


Candi bar restroom

A fun list compiling 8 of the quirkiest bar and restaurant restrooms in Montreal


Megaphone Montréal

Local multimedia firm Moment Factory created an installation in downtown which mixes public speaking with modern technologies and the social media aesthetic.


Dominique Blain Diorama_Underground city Montreal_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

A guide to discovering Montreal’s fascinating Underground city.


Charlevoix montreal metro Mario Merola_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

This piece also touches on Montreal’s underground, focusing on my 10 favorite art installations in the Montreal metro system. This has been by far my most popular article ever.


Untapped Cities: discovering Montreal

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to the articles I’ve written for Untapped Cities. Since June I’ve been writing two articles/month about fun, unique things to discover in Montreal.

Here’s what I’ve been writing about:

Ruelle verte 25e avenue_Montreal_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

The environmentally friendly Ruelles vertes (green alleyways) being created behind the tightly packed facades of buildings in residential neighborhoods:


Velopousse-Maisonneuve tour guide_Montreal_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

A fun pedicab tour of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, an area with a rich past that earned a bad reputation in the last few decades but is currently experiencing a creative transformation:


En Masse_Montreal MURAL festival_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

Mural festival invited twenty street artists to come and give part of Saint-Laurent boulevard a colorful makeover:


Public piano Mont Royal Henri-Julien Montreal_Untapped Cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

After a successful test season last year, four public pianos have been installed for the summer in the district of the Plateau-Mont-Royal:


Miyuki Tanobe Mural_Montreal_Untapped Cities_ Lea Plourde-Archer

Miyuki Tanobe is a Japanese painter that fell in love with Montreal in the 1970s and became known here  as a painter of street life. On a nondescript street corner in Verdun, a mural has been painted in her honor:


Combats d'epee Mont royal Montreal_Untapped cities_Lea Plourde-Archer

Every Sunday (weather permitting) a group of fighters meet to hold friendly foam sword combats:


Downtown Montreal: Untapped Outtakes

I wrote another article for Untapped Cities: Downtown Montreal: the lavish mansions of the Golden Square Mile. (Click the link to read the full article)
It’s about how the former homes of the city’s late 19th century bourgeoisie, located in downtown Montreal, are being used today.
Here are some more photos of the area that I took whilst out for the photoshoot:
Streets of Montreal
Reflections in the windows of a building on Sherbrooke street west
The sky reflecting into the windows of a building on Sherbrooke Street West.
A building in the Golden Square Mile
A building in the Golden Square MIle
Mcgill campus
Buildings on the campus of Mcgill University.
Ravenscrag Montreal
Ravenscrag, a former mansion turned into a psychiatric institute.
Near Ravenscrag, Montreal
Ravenscrag’s beautiful premises.
Street art in Montreal
Street art on Prince-Arthur street.
Sky light Montreal
Carré Saint-Louis, Montréal
These colorful rooftops are not located in the Golden Square Mile. They are a bit farther east, at Carré Saint-Louis, where the francophone bourgeoisie lived during the same era when the Golden Square Mile was thriving (for anglophones).

Untapped Montreal

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood for a website called Untapped Cities.

I invite you to check it out! Fans of art, architecture, travelling and food will love this incredible website that publishes articles written by contributors from all over the world.