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Europe 2018: a few snapshots

I just came back from a 6-week trip where my half-sister and I traveled around 3 european countries. France, Spain and Italy gave us plenty of things to see, hear and taste. Along the way, we made long and short stops in the following cities:

Paris – Lyon – Rome – Florence – Marseille – Bordeaux (and the Châteauneuf-sur-Charente region) – Madrid – Cadiz – Sevilla

There is so much to see and do in these lively and beautiful areas of the world, and we truly enjoyed our time to the fullest (well, except in Sevilla as we both got quite sick). We are so fortunate for being able to travel to and discover these incredible places! Here are a few pictures of our trip:

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A look back at Japan 2012

Nowadays, we only have virtual pictures. We always look at them on a screen, which is fine, but I tend to miss the idea of having a physical copy of the photos. That’s why I love creating photo books. They can be used to curate the images and to use them to tell a story. After making books about my last two major international trips, I decided that I would tackle past travels.

I didn’t have the time or the energy to write a whole book telling the story of the trip we took to Japan in 2012. Instead, I gathered some of my favourite photos which were taken during the 3 1/2 week journey.

It’s weird to think that when I came back from Japan, I told people that I hadn’t really liked it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps a part of that feeling is due to the fact that I had just lost my dad and wasn’t in the best place, mentally speaking. However, nowadays, whether due to a veil of nostalgia or a deeper understanding of the beauty of what we experienced over there, I have extremely fond memories of that trip.

Without further ado, here is Japan 2012, the book: click this link to see the PDF file.

A few photos of Chile and Argentina

Last year I spent two months traveling around parts of Chile and Argentina. It’s hard to describe so many unforgettable experiences using just a few words, so I wrote a book about it. Admittedly, it’s more of an organized collection of thoughts than it is a proper book. Most of the time, the pictures do the talking.

If you’d like to check out a PDF version of the book, follow this link:


Here are a few photos I took, trying to capture the breathtaking landscapes.


New life, new desk!

Hi there! It’s been a while…

I’m at a turning point in my life. I just got back from a two month trip in South America (Chile, Argentina and Uruguay) and I’ve now officially started my life as a full time freelance writer and translator. Exciting stuff!

In order to get a nice start on this new life, I decided to build myself a standing desk. Of course, being broke and lacking the skills to build a piece of furniture, I decided to take the easier road: an IKEA hack.


We just decided to get rid of our TV. The poor thing wasn’t getting the love it deserved. It hadn’t been turned on in over a year and was just sitting there gathering dust. Finally, we put an ad up on Kijiji and within hours, some happy couple came to get it.

Underneath the TV, there was a nice TV stand, still in great condition. I didn’t want to throw it out so I went to the hardware store and bought some wood, wood glue and 2 shelves. That’s it. I glued the pieces of wood onto the existing legs and let it dry for 1 day. Afterwards, I built the shelves and put everything up together. The last step was to paint the legs a nice shade of turquoise green. Done! A new desk! (If you’re wondering, yes, it’s very solid)

In life, turning points are always a bit scary but building this desk and having a designated work spot has made it a bit easier to face new challenges!


50 nuances de bleu: un séjour sur la côte Lycienne en Turquie

Il fait bon explorer la côte Lycienne turque. Située aux abords de la Mer Méditerranée, cette région est dotée de plages magnifiques, de villages côtiers charmants et d’une multitude de paysages d’une beauté apte à couper le souffle.

Lycian coast_Turkey_boat_meditteranean_2014

En bateau sur la Médittérannée


Nous avons d’abord posé nos valises à Antalya, une grande ville qui attire souvent les comparaisons avec Nice (France). Nichée entre la mer et une importante chaine de montagnes, Antalya inspire le repos et la vie vécue au ralenti. Au centre, la vielle ville regorge de sympathiques restaurants et de petites boutiques toutes plus mignonnes les unes que les autres. Il s’agît donc d’un bon endroit où s’arrêter pendant quelques jours avant d’entamer une excursion sur la côte Lycienne.

Antalya Marina_Turkey_2014

La marina d’Antalya

Après deux nuits à Antalya, nous avons mis le cap sur Olympos, petit village isolé agréablement situé sur le bord de la mer. Pour s’y rendre, il faut d’abord prendre l’autobus qui nous dépose au bord de l’autoroute, puis on monte dans un taxi partagé pour se rendre au village  Le trajet est d’une durée de 2 heures et offre des paysages montagneux spectaculaires.

Plage Olympos_Turquie_2014

La plage d’Olympos

Avant d’arriver, nous imaginions un petit village typique avec une place centrale et des rues. Olympos ne rentre pas dans ce moule. Il s’agit plutôt d’une longue rue bordée de restaurants, de pansions et de bars. Connue à travers le monde pour ses tree-houses et pour son ambiance festive, elle attire une clientèle jeune qui accourt durant l’été. D’ailleurs, si nous avions effectué notre voyage aux mois de Juin ou Juillet, nous aurions probablement choisi un autre endroit où rester (Cirali, village voisin partageant la même plage qu’Olympos, est beaucoup plus tranquille). Puisqu’on a voyagé hors-saison, nous avions décidé d’y passer quelques jours afin de pouvoir se reposer un peu et d’avoir la chance d’admirer les superbes ruines issues des diverses périodes d’âge d’or de la région.

The ruins of Olympos

Les ruines d’Olympos


Ce choix, nous ne l’avons pas regretté! Hébergés à la Saban Pansion, nous avons eu droit au traitement royal de la part des frères et sœurs Meral, Ali et Mustapha qui gèrent ce splendide lieu d’hébergement. Les délicieux repas servis sur la grande terrasse de la pansion à chaque soir valent à eux seuls le détour!

Lots of comfy cushions to lounge on for hours at the Saban Pansion

Saban pansion = confort et bonne bouffe assurés