The office

The first actual room you will enter, after having removed your footwear in the entrance, would be the office.

One day, grand things will happen here. Big decisions will be taken. Great minds will meet. Innovations will result.

I… will not be a part of any of these moments, as this is my man’s office!

He’s a business guy. Under 25 and already managing two companies of his own (one is old and very successful; the other is new and very promising). Obviously, the possibility of setting up a home office was a selling point for him.

The actual décor of the place is nonexistent for now. I’ve chosen most of the elements and the color scheme I want to use; I just need time to actually work on it (the office is 2nd to last in priorities as far as room decorating goes).  So for now, it’s just a bunch of things set up against the walls.

Even then, there are still stories to be told:

1-      The desk

2-      The drawing

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