The Living Room

This is our living room. Like the other rooms in our home, it isn’t big, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in height and cachet. This means that we’ll be using these tall walls by adding lots of shelving in order to store our (quickly growing) collection of books, DVDs and random deco items. I’ve commissioned a huge built-in style bookshelf to be assembled by my step-dad. It will replace the precariously standing unit we have right now. Good thing we don’t live in an area with strong seismic activity because that thing is so unstable that I’m scared it’ll drop any time I even so much as walk next to it!

Living Room

The chosen color scheme of the room is a dominant of white with fushia, yellow, blue and black accents. This is reflected in the mural that I painted on the back wall a few months back. When we visited the place, as soon as I spotted this huge piece of wall, I knew it would be covered in art. I had a few designs in mind but I ended up choosing to replicate a drawing I’d done six years ago, that I’d always kept because I loved the look of it. It represents a funky, lively view of a modern city, with highrise buildings that are more Hundertwasser then Rockefeller.

Cities inspire me. I grew up in a small town, but I always had big city dreams. Ever since I was young, I was absolutely fascinated by metropolises like Paris, New York or London.

We didn’t come often to Montreal, but every visit was memorable to me, so I couldn’t wait to move here when the time to go to university came. To me, cities are vibrant, colorful and beautiful with all their imperfections. There’s always something to discover because the evolution is constant.

Even though I live in one now, my passion for big cities is still not satiated and I’m always attracted to objects that feature urban patterns on them. That’s why I decided to play around this theme for the living room.


This built-in armoire is what sold the apartment to me. It’s so unique and cool (regardless of the old fashioned stucco design inside and bad paint job done by the previous owner, we’ll fix that!).

We inherited this sofa from family, and although it’s nice and comfy, the original forest green slipcover really didn’t do it for me. I’d love to have it reupholstered but that would cost a fortune so instead, I used the easy solution: sheets. Never one to leave things just like they are, I had to paint them up Pollock style.

There’s still so much work to be done but we are doing things at our own rhythm and trying to do them the right way.

For now, welcome to my living room. Sit down, relax, have a cup of tea, I’ve got lots of stories to tell you here!

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