Pictures of water

Over the years, water has been a very inspiring subject in photography for me. Here is a selection of pictures from my collection:

These first two were taken on a short trip to Boston in 2010. It was in August and we did had done a lot of walking so when the rain forced us to stay in for one afternoon, we took it as a chance to chill out at our hotel. As my boyfriend sat in bed, napping, I took my camera out in order to capture the city’s peaceful beauty as seen through our room’s window.

The next few are details of fountains, taken during trips to Europe. The first two are from the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. The second pair were taken in Paris.

Bodies of water. This reflection of lights in the water was taken at Boston Wharf. The following picture was captured in Venice.

Water and nature. After a short bout of rain, my Breton friend Sarah and I went for a walk in her grandmother’s garden. All the flowers and plants were covered in lovely, delicate drops of water.

This last one is more abstract.  It was taken at the Venice Art Biennale in 2007.

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