Weekend outings: art in the Eastern Townships

I’ve already spoken about my mother’s work on this blog before, when I wrote about the piece of her’s that I have displayed in my entrance.

This lovely fall weekend, I went to the opening of her latest exhibit, which is on until January 20th at the Musée Beaulne in Coaticook, Quebec.

My mother’s main theme for the last 15 years has been her love for trees. She likes to build pieces paying homage to their strength, their beauty and their importance on this planet. Many of these artworks also include a message pertaining to the destruction of forests, be it by mother nature itself (the 1998 ice storm) or by humans in their actions that are too often guided by greed and lack of environmental awareness.

In her latest showing, she has decided to add a human element to her work, thus acknowledging their presence on this planet and their fundamental goodness as people (as opposed to only showing them as destroyers).

I thought I’d share some pictures of the exhibit on here:

Of Trees and of Humans- Hélène Plourde

My blood is your sap

Sacred Ritual

My mother also wrote a children’s book named I am a child of the earth. Here it is on display.

Of Trees and Of Humans- Installation, 2012

1 thought on “Weekend outings: art in the Eastern Townships

  1. Héléna

    Quelle belle surprise de découvrir tes photos très réussies de mon travail et le texte qui résume bien mon propos. Merci pour cette belle fenêtre ! Pourras-tu m’envoyer d’autres photos quand tu trouveras le temps ? bisouxxxx H.
    Bisouxxxx H.


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