The quirky buildings of Montreal: Expo 67

This week, Untapped Cities published a piece I wrote about the quirky buildings of Montreal. It will become a series and in this first installment, I wrote about the installations that were built for Expo 67 (the 1967 World Fair). To read it, click here.

Here are a few photos that I took in the same photo-shoot but that didn’t fit in the article:

Biosphere detail Montreal

The Montreal Biosphere

Saint-Lawrence river between Saint-Helen Island and Notre-Dame Island

The Saint-Lawrence river, passing between Saint-Helen Island and Notre-Dame island.

Notre-Dame Island

Winter at Park Jean-Drapeau.

Park Jean-Drapeau

Park Jean-Drapeau.

Montreal Casino

The Montreal Casino.

Park Jean-Drapeau

Park Jean-Drapeau.

Pont de la Concorde vue de Montréal

The view of Montreal from the Concorde Bridge.

Ice Saint-Lawrence river Montreal

Ice on the Saint-Lawrence river.

View of Montreal Saint-Lawrence river

A view of downtown Montreal taken near Habitat 67.

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