Photo post: Chrysler building, NYC

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with cities, particularly New York city. So far, I’ve been to the Big Apple 4 times in my life (we’ll be heading there again in November, can’t wait). Here’s a photo I took of the beautiful skyscraper that is the Chrysler building, during my trip in 2008.

Chrysler building_New York city_Skyscraper_A Storytelling Home_ Lea Plourde-Archer

4 thoughts on “Photo post: Chrysler building, NYC

    1. lapetitelea Post author

      Wow, so interesting! I find those who worked on the early skyscrapers really brave (and even those who are working on them right now, actually). Just looking at the photos of the building process, I get vertigo. 🙂

      1. Eleanor

        I love the aesthetic of the buildings of that period. Your photo really captures the detail of the upper levels. Wonderful.

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