Pictures of animals

After pictures of water, here’s a selection of photographs I’ve captured of the animals I’ve had in my life.

We got our first pet when I was 12 years old. Bach was the family downstairs’ cat and when the parent’s relationship went downhill and they split up, we decided to adopt him.

In 2001 we moved into our new house and brought him along with us. It was only a few months later that he disappeared, in what turned out to be a very strange timing.

Just a few days before, we’d told him that another cat was coming to live at our house soon. My stepmother’s cat Eurydice had just birthed 4 kittens and I had decided that I wanted to keep one.

I’m not a very esoteric person but I still found the timing pretty surprising! It was like he knew what was coming… 🙂

Since we’d lost a cat, we decided to get 2 (we named them Gaston and Ti-teurf). Then, when my step-mother moved in with us, we had 3 cats.

Over the years, I’ve lived with many other pets, including: 5 more cats (Bibi, Cleo, Leo, Clementine, Jack), 4 dogs (Maya, Pouf, Lou, Lupin), 1 gold fish (Nemo), 1 beta fish, 1 rabbit, 1 bird and 1 rat. Our house was sort of like a zoo at times, with 4 or 5 Homo sapiens sharing the small abode with all those critters.

The lively menagerie, of course, became inevitable models for my photography.

Cleo was my former roommate’s cat but I took care of her as if she was my own. May she rest in peace 😦

Eurydice the goddess. She’s tiny but has quite the attitude, often leaving behind dead preys almost her size (among those, a partridge!)

Pouf, the sweetest most intelligent dog of all!

Bibi, who lives with my mom and stepfather.

Lou, adopted from a family friend. A sweet (sometimes paranoid) lady.

Leo, my other roommate’s cat. Like Cleo, I also loved him as if he was my own. He’s now about to turn 3 and although he’s become much bigger, he’s still really cute.

The next two are the cats we currently share our daily lives with.

They are a brother and sister team with a beautiful bond.

This is Clémentine (Clemzy, Clem’s). She hates to be picked up but is still very sociable. When she wants to get our attention, she’s going to get it. Ain’t nothing gonna get in her way!

Jack is the playful, lover boy. He likes everyone, sometimes waiting less than 5 minutes after meeting someone before throwing himself at their feet in hopes of a tummy rub or a good scratching behind the ears.

Eventually, we want to have more cats. I like dogs too but I’m a cat person at heart, except for Pouf. He’s the best dog ever.

What are your pet stories? How many do you have?

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