After the storm: Quirky photos of Montreal under the snow

Nearly a week ago, a major blizzard left everything in Montreal covered with a 45 cm (18 inches) layer of snow. As if that wasn’t enough, subsequent snowfalls added 15-20 more centimeters in the days since. It’s safe to say that so far, winter has been strong this year.

With only half the streets cleared off, many areas in the city still look like a winter wonderland (except for drivers!). Wintertime can be beautiful, but it can be quite tough physically and emotionally.

Today, I went out for a walk in my neighborhood (Rosemont), trying to find  funny, quirky, everyday things in the snow.

An abandoned sled at Laurier ParkStreet advertisements in Montreal

Snow drawing on Laurier Street

Outdoor staircases in the winter, Montreal

Christmas lights Montreal

Poor phone book :(

Snowy shovels

Abandoned store in Montreal

Snowy picnic tables at Parc Laurier

A tiger eating snow

Outdoor sign covered in snow

animal tracks in the snow

Snow in the back alleys, Montreal

Snow on the train tracks

Snowy outdoor stairs, Montreal

Fire hydrant under the snow

Snowy street Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal

Street graffiti Montreal

This graffiti says: It’s Christmas, consume, you idiots. In this particular context, consume can mean: spend, buy, use up, squander.

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