Philosophizing in Kyoto

It’s already been 4 months since we’ve been back from our trip to Japan and it occurred to me that I never came around to posting more pictures.

After our time in the crazy metropolis of Tokyo, we headed to a much more peaceful place in Japan: Kyoto.

We stayed in the city of 2000 temples and shrines for 9 humid, often rainy but very fun days. Since we had a rail pass we also took day trips to other cities near and far: Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima.

Kyoto tower

Kyoto tower, near the main train station.

Kinkakuji temple

Kinkakuji temple bird

The gardens of the famous Kinkakuji temple.

5- Toji temple

The Tō-ji temple,famous for its tall pagoda.

Fushimi inari shrin

Fushimi-Inari shrine. Located on the outskirts of Kyoto, there is a mountainous sanctuary where thousands of torii doors create mazes leading to small shrines and cemeteries.

22- Temple people

People heading to visit a temple.

15- Gion Kyoto

A restaurant in the Gion quarter, which is known for it’s vast number of entertainment establishments, such as tea houses, restaurants and bars. It is here that you are most likely to see geishas or maikos (geishas in training) as they run through the side streets, trying to make their next appointment on time.

41- Nara Mountian

42- Nara Mountain

These last two photos were taken (respectively) on the third and second summits of Wakakusayama Mountain in the town of Nara.


The view as taken from the roof of a building near Osaka’s main train station.

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