Beaches, blue skies and boat rides: exploring Turkey’s Lycian Coast

Turkey’s Lycian coast is one of the country’s most beautiful regions. Set along the coast of the Meditteranean sea, it’s a pleasure to explore the beautiful beaches, charming seaside towns and breathtaking valleys.
Antalya Marina_Turkey_2014

Our first stop was in Antalya, a big city often compared to Nice (France). Set in a lovely mountainous environment, it is a great place to put your bags down for a few days before you set out to explore the rest of the region. The old town, known as Kaleiçi is simply beautiful.
Antalya Marina boats_Turkey_



We spent two nights in Antalya, then set off to Olympos, The ride through the beautiful Taurus mountains was exhilarating, with spectacular views all along the way. After a two hour trip (with a bus and a shared taxi) we arrived at the secluded village.

The ruins of Olympos

The ruins of Olympos

Olympos is a road lined with pansions, restaurants and bars. Known for its treehouse accomodations and impressive ruins (dating back to the 2nd century), it attracts a young crowd, especially during the busy summer months. Had we been traveling in the months of June or July, I would have considered staying elsewhere (there are tons of great options on the coast), but since we were there early in the season, Olympos seemed like a good place to stay for a few days of R&R.

Lots of comfy cushions to lounge on for hours at the Saban Pansion

Lots of comfy cushions to lounge on for hours at the Saban Pansion

I was right. We had a blast and loved staying at Saban Pansion. The sibling hosts Meral, Ali and Mustapha took great care of us, preparing delicious meals every night and going out of their way to help us plan day trips and airport transfers.

Olympos beach_Olympos_Turkey_2014

The beach at Olympos

Lycian coast_Turkey_boat_meditteranean_2014

Relaxing on a boat, not a bad way to spend a day

Lycian tomb_Kalekoy_Lycian coast_Turkey

A Lycian tomb in the water near Kalekoy


The beautiful village of Kalekoy

Lycian coast view_Turkey

A stop along the coast during a long drive to reach our boat

Lycian coast_boat_Turkey

Turkish food_Lycian coast_Turkey

Lunch on the boat

The chimaera are eternal fires that have been burning constantly for thousands of years.

The chimaera are eternal flames that have been burning constantly for thousands of years due to gas emissions that seep out of the mountain.

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