A case of the winter blues: Montreal, I love you but…

It’s just one of those days that come at the end of a long, gray winter. I’ve had enough. For a few months, I loved the pretty white flakes, the red cheeks, the evenings spent at home watching Mad About You and the countless excuses to drink hot chocolate. Now I’m sick of it. Spring couldn’t get here fast enough and summer too…

Many Quebecers and fellow inhabitants of cold regions spend thousands of dollars each year to travel to ‘the South’ (most often, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico). There are also those of us who just can’t afford that. We resort to sighing, whining and daydreaming.

Let’s muse together for a few minutes.

If only the view out of our windows could suddenly change from this:

Montreal houses snow

To this:

View Nice University

If only when we went out for a walk to the grocery store, we’d be strolling through this pretty alley:

Dream backyard

Instead of walking under this dreary, dirty overpass:

Overpass de Lorimier

We could spend the afternoon here:

Beach South of France St Caprais

Instead of having to face this every time we walk out the door:
Winter rue Saint-Joseph Montreal

Yeah, I’ve got a case of cabin fever and severe winteritis (does that term exist? It should). I’m so thankful for Spring Forward, which will at least help because nighttime won’t start at 4h30 pm anymore.

Just a few more weeks to go….

(All sunny pictures were taken in the South of France and all dreary, depressing pictures were taken in Montreal).

3 thoughts on “A case of the winter blues: Montreal, I love you but…

  1. Héléna

    Salut ma belle Léa,
    Je ne pensais pas que l’hiver avait cet effet sur toi. Quand le soleil n’est pas là pendant plusieurs jours c’est vrai que tout paraît terne. Vivement le printemps ! Encore bravo pour tes inspirations hebdomadaires. Affections H.

  2. yerderea

    I like this new word! winteritis – winter it is !
    Your sandy beach picture is very dreamy … i shall use it to uplift my winteritis as well 🙂


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